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.How We Do It

    Clearwater Management Services has the industry expertise and resources to provide you with high-quality, cost-effective reporting and controls. With greater clarity into your financial performance, you can make faster, more effective decisions that save you time and money.

    We partner with you to provide the best and most efficient accounting services — a customized solution of transactional accounting and reporting for your properties.

    Here are some examples of what we can do for you.

    Your Problems Our Solutions
    Audit readiness
    Was your last audit a nightmare? Are you prepared for the next one?
    • Make electronic copies of all paid invoices to ensure support and quick review
    • Qualified accountant reviews accuracy of account balances monthly
    Lack of segregation of

    Do all invoices have proper approval? Do you have complete backup for payments?
    • Independently review payables batches before check processing and manager approval
    • Verify complete documentation including lien waivers/releases
    • Perform independent bank reconciliation from handling of cash and data entry
    Lack of continuity in accounting staff
    Has a key staff member left you "high and dry"?
    • Maintain continuity of effective business processes when personnel change
    • Provide coverage when a team member takes time off
    Outdated technology
    Are you taking advantage of the improvements in reporting technology? Are you overnighting invoices and checks?
    • Digitize copies of key documents
    • Electronically distribute reports via PDF files via the Internet
    • Approve check batches in one central location, while checks are printed, securely, in another (such as property site)
    Outdated information
    Are your reports late? Are they useful in making management decisions?
    • Create a customized and timely reporting package that works for you
    • Automatically import key transactional information directly from general ledger into management reports
    • Enable online access to invoice backup and reports
    Lack of critical expertise
    Do you lack the expertise or time to handle special reporting requests?
    • Prepare new deal pro formas
    • Conduct other high-level analysis as needed


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